miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2013

Negotiation Master Class -ya falta poco!

La semana que viene me voy al Negotiation Master Class de Harvard, un curso para ex alumnos en el que revisaremos desafíos personales de negociación con los gurús del tema.

Estuve haciendo los deberes y las lecturas obligatorias, así que traigo un par de citas que lo ameritan:

"Negotiation theory still has not fully caught up, however, with breakthroughs in neuroscience and psychology that reveal the positive role of emotion in decision making, creativity, and relationship building—all key factors in reaching agreement. For example, the neurobiologist Antonio Damasio has shown that people with damage to the right hemisphere of the brain (the emotional side) have great difficulty making decisions. That’s because emotions tell people what’s important to them—what they want to obtain and preserve—and also allow them to see matters holistically and to avoid being ensnared by details"
En un experimento en el que le indujeron estrés a un grupo de negociadores y compararon su comportamiento con otro grupo que se consideró 'relajado', se produjeron resultados impresionantes. "The anxious subjects had lower expectations, made lower first offers, responded more quickly to offers, and exited the bargaining sooner. And—no surprise—they got worse outcomes. Brooks and Schweitzer assert that if feelings induced by a temporary stressor can negatively affect negotiation behavior and results, the impact of real-world emotions could well be more powerful"

Las citas son de Kim Leary, de su artículo para HBR "Negotiating With Emotion".