domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Media Companies Must Become Trusted Data Hubs », News, Augmented

IBM supercomputer Watson's stunning victory in the quiz show Jeopardy! last week showed us that computers are getting ever closer to mastering the subtleties of human communication. Even today, some of Watson's simpler cousins are toiling away, writing news articles without human input of any kind. The company StatSheets now provides uncannily readable sports-related articles to over 300 websites in the US, for example.

Sports are an easy vertical, due to the high amount of data a sports game entails. The challenge for news organizations in the coming years will be to adapt the framework used for sports, finance and weather to other fields.

Any event can be described by fundamental data: latitude, longitude, time and date and importance. If every piece of content had at least those four pieces of meta information, we could offer consumers a tailored package of news that happened near them in the time since their last connection, for instance. Nevertheless, the 'importance' filter mentioned above highlights that the whole process demands human subjectivity and cannot be left to computers alone.

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